Sample Organ Image
Sample Organ Images
Erben Renewal ~
Grace Church - Sheldon, VT.

A treasure in northern Vermont, this 1/9 Henry Erben was built in 1833. It was unplayable for over fifty years, but was completely intact.

Our restoration included the replication of its 18th century-style covered pedal key board, and the retention of the center pivoted "teeter-totter" feeder mechanism. Note the signatures found inside the reservoir, as well as the "mouse graveyard".

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The organ before..... .....And after restoration. The use of royal blue cloth behind the wooden dummy facade pipes was based on faded remnants discovered during the restoration The keydesk before restoration. The restored keydesk.  The keyboard was recovered using vintage ivory.
Lower casework and releathered reservoir. Note the center-pivoted "teeter totter" style feeders Our restoration included replicating this ancient covered pedal board. The swell box occupies the middle of the wind chest and encloses the pipework from tenor f up. Basses are unenclosed on either side of the swell box.
Signatures found inside the wind reservoir. Signatures found inside the wind reservoir. The "mouse graveyard".  This pipe stopper had fallen to the bottom of the pipe. Many mice met their demise when they fell into the pipe and couldn't climb out.

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